A downloadable sprig for Windows

Become Sprig, in a 3D puzzle platformer where you must journey to save the forest from blight!

This game is intended as a demo for a possible future title.

A game by : 

Ryan Bergsteedt https://www.instagram.com/ryan_b.exe/

Joshua Jansen van Vuuren https://www.instagram.com/josh_jfire/

Brian Benedetti https://www.instagram.com/brianbenedetti/

Marco Chu https://www.instagram.com/mreekoh/

Saatwik Kambadkone https://www.instagram.com/kek_madao/

Install instructions

Download and unzip the Zip file. Open the Sprig folder and double click Sprig.exe to play. Have fun :)


Sprig.zip 301 MB

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